Thursday, June 3, 2021

Exciting New Doll Line - Barbie Looks Dolls

 Well, Mattel has done it again! Surprised us with a new doll line. One would have hoped that we would have heard about it from Mattel, but they dropped the ball on announcing it to us as online sleuths found out about it and reported the dolls on their sites. They very quickly became available on Amazon for pre-order if you were lucky enough to grab them and eBay opportunist are already offering them at inflated prices. The line is called Barbie Signature Looks.

This new series has debuted with 6 brand new dolls. All new face sculpts, MTM articulation and in Original, Tall, Petite and Curvy for the ladies and 2 guys with the Original MTM Ken body. Here is a photo of the group of dolls from the back of the box:

I have managed to order numbers 4-6 and I am still trying to snag number 1 & 2. My number 6 doll arrived yesterday. She is listed on Amazon as Barbie Signature Looks Doll (Tall, Blonde)

I did not waste any time opening her, so without further adieu, I will share the box opening with you!

This is the back of the box which explains a little about the dolls. The photo of the dolls is not great taken from the back of the box, but you can see that they are all new face sculpts and are dressed very stylishly in a black and white theme.

Side of the box with the simple LOOKS logo.

Other side of the box identifying the doll number.

The front of the box has a simple clear cover with the logo of the line enabling you to see the beautiful doll!

But she looks so much better after getting that cover off.

As you can see, she stands tall and has a well made white open shoulder dress with white ankle boots. I don't think I have seen these before so they seem to making everything new for this line. Now getting her out of the box was a little bit challenging.

Getting her out of the box itself took only a snip of the plastic around her boots and releasing the plastic base from the inner liner of the box. But that plastic base that anchors her to the box was not fun. See the threads in her hair and the plastic thingies anchoring her head to the base? I wish they would stop doing that! I hate those! Put after snipping the plastic ties, pulling the thingies out with my needle nose pliers and getting the thread out of her hair, she was finally free!

Here she is, head to toe! She is dressed in a white knit dress with open shoulders. The fabric is a nice weight, not a thin cheap feel to it. It velcros in the back and has a sewn hem at the sleeves and bottom. Simple, yet elegant. 

She has a Made to Move body. Yessss! So glad they gave this line all MTM bodies. Mattel is listening! She also comes with a stand. She will end up on a Kaiser stand though. I like to use the Kaiser stand as it keeps them all at ground level.

Here is a closeup of her lovely face. Her eyes are NOT pixelated! she has simple make up. I for one, like the simple elegance of the understated makeup. Fitting for this line I think. Well done!

She has long, snow white hair with slight waves. The hair is soft to the touch. I may decide to boil wash it to straighten it though. We will see. 

Here is a closeup of her ankle boots. These are a new design I think. I haven't seen them before to my recollection. The have faux stitching on both the inner and outer sides and a thick heel. They have a slit in the back. I think I would have liked them better if they didn't have such an obvious slit at the back, but I can live with it.

Her skin is quite pale. Even paler than the MTM Purple top doll. 

Here is a closeup of her hand on top of Purple top's. You can see the slight difference in the skin color. 

One other little detail I want to mention. Each doll in this line is priced at $19.99! I love that pricing and think these dolls are very well done so I was surprised at this price. Beware of the seller's on eBay. As I mentioned, these dolls are being scooped up at a very fast rate. I have seen prices on eBay ranging from $50 to $80 USD. Plus shipping. I would discourage you from paying these inflated prices from opportunistic sellers. I know they may be more than $20 in other parts of the world, but I know that they cannot be too much more and certainly not $50 or $80 -- plus shipping! 

I hope you liked this review. I should be getting the other 3 I was able to order within the next week. I will be happy to review them for you too! 

So what do you think? Will you add any of these to your doll collection?

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Box Opening: Barbie Style Doll - Millie

 I don't usually do box openings, but I was so excited for the debut of the new line of Barbie Style dolls, that I wanted to do a full review of my impression of the first in the line of these dolls. I have long been a fan of the Instagram account @BarbieStyle and was one of the followers who clamored for Mattel to grace our collections with the beautiful dolls we saw on those pages. I loved the sophistication of the look of the dolls on the Instagram account and wanted my dolls to at least have the very well made clothes you saw on the dolls that graced those pages! I could not help but notice that almost all of the dolls appeared to be Made-To-Move as well! So, when Mattel announced the launch of the dolls and gave us the opportunity to vote on what the first dolls would look like, I jumped at the chance. I will tell you, though that this first doll was not dressed the way the I envisioned her. At any rate, I found the doll to be done very well and I was not disappointed and was pleased to use my $20 coupon from the Signature club to purchase her. So here we go!

When you open the outer box, you are greeted with a very nice box protected with tissue paper. Don't worry, no photos of the tissue paper, but here is the box:

The box is a sturdy cardboard with a very nice marble design suitable for a photo background. Next, here is what you get when you open it up!

The inside of the box had side flaps with very nice artwork depicting the doll like you would see her on the pages of the Instagram account. The center of the box contains the two outfits and accessories on either side of the doll. The doll itself  has a shaded panel hiding most of her body so as to keep the secret for just a little longer! The side panel artwork is very well done, so let's take a quick look at it:

The left panel has a dressing room scene so you can see what the doll and the outfits and accessories look like. Barbie is dressed in the pink suit. I wish they had included that chair!

The right panel shows the doll on a street dressed in the blue dress a black jacket as well as a closeup portrait of her.

Now it is time to see what is behind that shaded panel!

Upon closer inspection, you can see that Barbie is wearing a pair of underpants and a T-shirt. The clothing is held in with a plastic form shaped like the clothes. No little plastic do-hickies (what are those called?) holding them in, so no damage to the fabric when taking the clothes out of the packaging. Very similar to the how they packaged the Creatable World doll clothes. The doll, however, did have the standard fastening technique used in all of the Signature dolls. 

The tri-sectioned divider comes out to reveal a sleek marble patterned wall that can easily be used as a background for doll photography.

Now let's take a closer look at the doll and the clothing.

Her face is well done. No eye pixelation. Her make up is soft and not overdone. Very much the modern, natural woman.  You can see that the hair has waves, it is tied back and it is held in place with a hairnet. 

Before dressing the doll, I wanted to take a closer look at the jackets. They are both lined and well sewn. The black "leather" jacket has a working zipper.

I took her hair out of the netting and dressed her in the pink suit and gray sports shoes. The suit is nice, has working pockets and fits well. You do need to remove the underpants to get a smooth closure of the pants when tucking in the T-shirt. The pants Velcro in the back. Her glasses are perched on top of her head and she is holding the black vinyl purse, which does open so she can put her phone and a few other small items in it as well! The hair is set in a beachy wave that is a very popular hair style today. 

Finally, I dressed her in the sheer blue chiffon dress with a gathered waist and a strappy loosely gathered top. The skirting has a sheer white underlining. I paired it with the black leather look jacket and the black high heeled shoes. 

Over all, I really like this set. I might have chosen a suit in a color other than pink, but this is Barbie! I do think the blue chiffon dress and black jacket ensemble is well done. The clothing is well made and I like the understated makeup and the modern wavy hairstyle. And she is Made to Move! It shows me that Mattel is listening. This doll definitely has walked right out the screens of the Barbie Style Instagram pages! I believe the set is price fairly at $100 US and I see her already on the secondary market at prices ranging from $140 to $185. I would rank this set as 4.5 stars out of a possible 5! 

I have seen photos of the next 2 Style dolls that are supposed to be released soon. The first is a black doll with an original MTM doll body and the third is a Curvy MTM. I will most likely purchase them as well!

I hope you enjoyed this review! 

See you next time!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

A New Year: Let's Hear It For The Boys!

 OK, we made it through 2020 -- sort of! The virus is still with us though and, unfortunately, probably here to stay. I have personally been touched with it in my family. I have lost friends to the disease. We are going to have to learn to live with it. It probably means we will need to continue to take precautions like wearing masks, staying home sometimes, keeping a social distance when appropriate. The vaccine in the US at least seems to be rolling out very slowly. I am hoping that the new administration will be more proactive in getting it under control. Heck, anything they do will be better that what is happening now! The political climate in the US has worsened. With a siege by US citizens on our nation's capitol earlier this week, things have gotten to a level I never thought I would see in my lifetime. My heart breaks and I fear for my kids futures. I truly never thought this would happen here in my lifetime.

So, in my doll world, I haven't been very active with meeting my goals. By now, I should have made greater progress on the doll room, written more stories, taken more pictures. But I haven't been completely idle! I have bought lots and lots of dolls! With everything that has happened this year, my dolls and my dolly friends have been a source of sanity for me! Without further chit-chat, I am going to introduce you to some of the very latest additions. I will start with some of the boys (er men) that have joined my collection in Hanaly Corners. So, let's hear it for the boys!

I will be talking about these six handsome fellows today. That first tall fellow is and Integrity Toys addition and the rest are all from Mattel.

So here are the 5 Mattel guys. They have all been rebodied (of course!) I will detail that in the photos below.

This is Fashionista Ken #163. He is from the latest wave of Fashionistas and they are just starting to trickle out in stores, but not in my area. I ordered mine from Amazon, but you do have to monitor the site in order to get one at the retail price before the scalpers get their hands on them! He has been rebodied on the new Wheelchair Ken (Fashionista #167) who happens to have a MTM body. He has been redressed in "Gray Day Chillin' Fashion Set" for the Fresh Squad line of dolls.

Look at his face! It is a brand new mold. And he has dimples! He is a cutie and I know a few ladies in my collection are already fighting over him!

Up Next is Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Brunette Boy who is new in the Babysitters Inc lineup. He has been rebodied to an Ever After High Hunter Huntsman Body that I was using on a older Ken doll, but I played head roulette so I could give this body to this Skipper friend boy. I did have to do some trimming on the head opening to make it work, but this was a better fit for him than any regular sized Ken bodies. He is dressed in random Ken clothes I had in my clothes boxes.

Here is a close up of his face. He is rather cute! I do think that Skipper and her friends will be happy to welcome him in their group!

So there was a lot of chatter over this fellow! An AA Fashionista Ken with rooted hair! Here is Fashionista Ken #162! He has been rebodied onto a Fresh Squad Malik body and he is wearing the pants that Malik had on and his original shirt and shoes. A very nice addition to Hanaly Corners!

And here is his closeup! Yes, he is fine! (That's what several of my new ladies said when he finally arrived!) He has already been hanging out with a couple of them, but I don't think he has found his match yet!

This fellow actually came home in November of 2019, but their was so much talk about him and his long rooted hair. He is Ken Fashionista #138. I had initially put him on a Fresh Squad Daniel body and it worked pretty well, but he found a much better match in one of the wheelchair Ken bodies that I purchased (#167) recently. He again has a unique facemold and that hair?!!! Wow! He has been playing the field a bit, but he says this new body definitely expands his options! He is wearing another new outfit from the Fresh Squad line of fashions "Cameo Coolness". 

He does seem to have a look about him that the ladies just seem to love!

Now, here we have the 60th Anniversary Ken Doll in a Throwback Rocker Derek Look. He has been rebodied onto a BMR1959 green haired Ken from the 1st release of that line. He is now also wearing an outfit from the Fresh Squad fashion line, "Power Stripe - Black Top with African Print Strip and Black Denim Pants" He has been hanging out with both #138 and #162 and they are having a ball with all of the new, unattached ladies in the house.

Here is his closeup! What do you think?

I will say that I am so glad that Mattel introduced the male MTM bodies. I just wish they would come in more skintones! I wish the Fashionistas, male and female, original, tall, petite, broad and slim would all just have MTM bodies! Somebody please tell Mattel that! 

Now our last fellow in today's post!

Meet Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury from Integrity Toys 2020 lineup (now there must be a story behind that name!) This is him fully dressed. This was the only IT doll I purchased in 2020 (or at least I think so!) They are expensive for sure, but you cannot beat the quality of their clothes and the many beautifully unique dolls in the line! 

Well, that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed meeting these fellas! I will try to introduce a few more gals, guys and some new families that have or are moving to Hanaly Corners. I hope to take you on my journey of getting the places in my town in order too and to introduce you to the adventures in all their little lives through the stories that have been tumbling around in my brain and that my dolls have been pressuring me to tell! 

Monday, August 31, 2020

My Computer Hutch

 So I have been in a creative mood lately. One of the things I realized I needed to do was to get my office area organized. It occupies a wall in my living room and there was never any space for anything. My computer desk always had piles of papers on it and it only had one drawer, so it was hard to achieve any sort of organization. I decided I wanted to get a hutch for the desk. I priced them out and they are pretty expensive and I really couldn't find one that fit my desk. So I decided I wanted to try and build something. I wanted it to be sturdy and something that would not fall apart. I came up with the idea of building it with wooden crates. I needed something I could configure to fit on the desk, that would have places to store all the little office supplier and that would go with my decor. So I measured everything. Many, many times. I came up with the idea that I could use wooden crates as the material. I picked 2 sizes of crates. Here are the original crates I picked:

I got six of these -- 3 for each side of the hutch:

And 2 of these for the bridge of the hutch:

So are you ready for the end result????

I am very happy with how it turned out! It took a lot of measuring, laying things out and planning; a few bruised knuckles and trips to the hardware store, but I did it and it is sturdy, fits the desk perfectly and accomplishes what I set out to do. And it is done! I got to check an item off of my project list!

Now to get to work on that doll room!

Friday, August 7, 2020

The Big My Scene Doll Makeover!

 At the urging of a friend on Instagram (Dollboy92) I decided to dig out my daughters' old My Scene dolls. I am sure many of you remember them. They were brought into the Mattel line up to compete with the Bratz dolls in 2002 and were discontinued in 2014. I will be honest, and I don't want to irritate any Bratz fans, but I did steer my daughters away from Bratz in favor of the the My Scene dolls. So going through my doll stash, I discovered that we had 21 of the My Scene gal dolls in a box. We do have some of the boys as well, but their bodies were commandeered for use on some of our old Ken dolls, so they are not a part of the resurrection post.

I will tell you that these dolls were favorites of both of my daughters, and they were very well "played" with! Their hair was quite a tangled mess, so it has been quite a challenge to get these girls looking good! I did their makeovers in "waves", but for purposes of this blog, I will share photos of all 21 dolls in this post. Note that, as is normal for me, all dolls have been rebodied to articulated bodies. 

So here is wave 1

From L to R: Nolee on a Natalya WWE Superstar body, Madison with a toothy smile is on a Blue Top MTM yoga body (2nd release), Madison with a closed mouth in on a MTM yoga body Wave 2 Hispanic with hair in a bun, and Barbie is on a Katniss Hunger Games 2 body.

Here are a few close ups of the girls:

The 2nd wave of makeovers:

Top L - Madison w lighter skintone and rebodied on the MTM Dancer! Her hair was originally quite curly, but was in quite a mess. I managed to comb in out, washed and conditioned the hair and straightened it using a flat iron and then trimmed it to this shorter bob. Top R - Delancey on MTM Curvy Yoga, Bottom L - Madison with lighter skintone rebodied on MTM Baseball Barbie and finally, My Scene Special Edition Lindsay Lohan on MTM BMR "Green Beret".

Some additional photos:

Wave 3 of the makeovers:

This group consists of 4 Nolee dolls. It was quite challenging as I had to really dig to find replacement bodies for each of these girls. I hope you will think that I made the right choices! So here we go, Left to right: Nolee on a Purple Top MTM body, Nolee on a BMR green hat MTM body, Nolee on a pale 11 jointed playline body and Nolee on a Dollmore 1:6 scale ball-jointed body. This last one was the most difficult. I was running low on Pale skin tone bodies when I remember I had purchased the Dollmore bodies. Still need to find her some shoes, but I like how she looks on this body. Her hair was in such bad condition, that I thought I might have to reroot her, but after cutting it to shoulder length and giving her a boil wash, I was able to come up with the bob style for her. I like it for now at least! What do you think?

Their closeups!

Wave 4:
This time around, we have 4 Chelsea dolls. From L to R, Chelsea on a play line Barbie with 11 points of articulation, Chelsea on a BMR Tall Barbie - wave 1, Chelsea on Pink Top MTM yoga body and Chelsea on a Dollmore 1:6 scale body with natural skintone.

Their closeups!

After some consideration I decided to swap the Dollmore Body for a Liv body. What do you think?

The 5th and final wave!
This group has 5 dolls in it to finish the 21 dolls I have for makeovers! This time around, there are 4 Barbie/Kennedy dolls and one Madison. From L to R Back Row, Barbie/Kennedy on a play line Barbie with 11 points of articulation, Barbie/Kennedy on a WWE body, Barbie/Kennedy on a MTM Baseball player body and Barbie/Kennedy on a MTM BMR wave 1 green beret body. Front row seated is a Madison on a MTM Wave 1 second release Blue Top Yoga Theresa body. These have all been a challenge to find the right body for, to get there hair manageable and to get them dressed in cute outfits. Knowing that my daughters played and played with these dolls, you can probably only imagine what some of the hair was like especially for those dolls that had curls. I hope you have enjoyed them!

Their closeups!

That is the show for today! I hope you enjoyed it.