Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gloss Convention Purchases Part 2

The rest of my purchases for the Gloss convention were  from the Color Infusion line and one from the Style Lab. I won 4 hommes and 2 of the ladies. Because I got Ayumi, I wanted Tenzin to go with her. So here is a list of the additional dolls I purchased. 

  • Kiki Yung (nude)
  • Tilda Brisby (nude)
  • Tenzin Dahkling (nude)
  • Kieron Morel (nude)
  • Sterling Riese (nude) from the Style Lab
  • Time Served (partially dressed)

Here they are:

Kiki Yung & Tilda Brisby dressed in Life in the Dreamhouse Midge Dress and Ebay find. Shoes IT 2013 Color Infusion

Kiki and Tilda - Closer view of their pretty faces!

Tenzin Dahkling and Kieron Morel in Ebay finds and University Ken clothes
A closer look at Tenzin and Kieron

Sterling Riese in Ken shirt and Mini Barbie pants and Time Served in his jumper only.

A closer look at Sterling and Time Served

Needless to say, the ladies in the doll room have been buzzing about the arrival of the new men. They are trying not to notice that there are also 3 new ladies. Obviously, I need to work on getting some more clothing for all. I will have to try making some clothes because I have been banned from eBay until after Christmas!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gloss Convention Purchases

No, I didn't get to go to the IT Gloss Convention, but I did enjoy it from afar watching the posting of other who were able to attend. I consoled myself the best I could by visiting eBay and drooling over the offerings. Most of what I saw were too far out of my budget, but I did bid on some items that had at least reasonable starting bids. I was getting discouraged as just as I thought I had made it to the last seconds of the auction, the object of my desire was snatched right before my eyes. I hung in as long as I could, but the prices became insane. However, I persevered! I finally won a few auctions and at prices that I thought were reasonable. The one doll I really wanted from the convention was Evening Siren Ayumi. As I searched and saw her go for prices above $175 nude and $200 dressed, I thought I would have to give up. But, late on Sunday evening, there was one fully dressed with a starting price below $100! I took a chance and bid on her. No, I did not get her for $100, but not too much over, but yeah, I won her! I also was lucky enough to win a few other Color Infusion dolls for some pretty reasonable price, so I broke the bank and got a few of them. 

I will post photos of all of my wins, but today I am excited to present Evening Siren Ayumi! She arrived today and I thought she deserved her own photo session.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Prettie Girls Have Arrived

Like so many others, I too jumped at the chance to get the discounted Prettie Girls from Zulily. I already had Valencia and Lena, so I ordered Kimani and Dahlia. When I checked out, they offered me free shipping on the Cynthia Bailey doll, so of course, I ordered her too. Since her price was also significantly discounted from the doll available on the website, I felt it was a good opportunity.  Here are all of my Prettie Girls!

From L to R: Dahlia, Lena, Kimani, Cynthia Bailey doll, Valencia
Many have asked about what clothes are a good fit for these ladies, since their rather bodacious behinds (which are awesome, BTW) do not fit well into the standard Barbie line of clothes. If you also have Mixis dolls, whose bodies are also well proportioned, you will find that their clothing is a nice fit for the Prettie Girls. 

The Mixis line of clothing (you can buy clothing without the dolls) is very high quality as are their shoes and they both will work well with the Prettie Girls.

Dahlia and Lena look very nice in these Mixis outfits. The boots and shoes also fit on these dolls and are of very high quality.

These are nice, leather look - not plastic!
They have zippers in the back.

Look how cute the flats are!
Side view of the flats
Since Dahlia and Lena got to show off in Mixis clothes, Kimani and Valencia wanted to as well!

Valencia and Kimani in Mixis outfits
The Mixis dolls are a little thicker on top. I tried on the Prettie Girls clothes on the Mixis. Dahlia's outfit fit just fine, but her top has a little stretch to it. Kimani's dress did not close all the way in the back.

The Prettie Girls shoes are plastic, and not bad, but the Mixis girls want their very nice shoes back!

I have not figured out where everybody fits into my community yet. Since Valencia and Lena have both been here a while, they have assumed their roles already.  Valencia is amongst the college group.  Lena is married and has a daughter.  Below she is with her husband Wesley (I think he looks like Wesley Snipes) and 6 year old daughter Janessa. I don't know their last name yet though!

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Daughter's Cosplay

I think I mentioned earlier that I was busy helping my daughter and her friend with their cosplay costumes as they were attending the Youmacon convention in Detroit this past weekend. I have been making their costumes since they have been participating in anime conventions for the last 6 years now. This year they were characters from a Manga series of novels called Trinity Blood. I don't know much about the storyline, but I know the characters they dressed as were vampires. I have been teaching my daughter to sew, so she made the sashes, head bands and vests (with my help) and I made the white tunics and remade the pants.

Here are a couple of pictures of their costumes:

My daughter is the one in the blond wig (her natural hair color is black). The white jackets were lined and have a lot of detail. They turned out pretty good and I think they had a lot of fun. My daughter told me that they got a lot of compliment on their costumes, so I guess this was a success! 

Now that this is done, I can get back to making doll diorama items and back to taking pictures and telling doll stories! 

Stay tuned!