Monday, April 9, 2018

USPS Delivery Frustrations!

Ever wonder why the rates have gone up so much on US Post Office delivery? Well, here is a clue! They add distance to the miles your item has to travel!

So, we have shopped high and low for a prom dress for my daughter. We found some very pretty ones and she looked great in all of them, but my Hannah is quite particular. She had a certain dress and designer in mind. We found the dress, but not in the color she wanted, so we had to order it for her. Not a big deal. We had it shipped from Ohio to Michigan, which are neighboring states. The store itself is a little over 200 miles away and would be about a 3 hr and 20 min drive. The dress was supposed to arrive today. It has to be signed for, so Hannah wanted me to be sure to be home so we wouldn't miss it. The USPS came and went today -- no dress. So I look up the tracking. 

So here is the route the USPS sent the package on:

On the left, is the actual route from the store to my home. On the right is the route the dress is taking! So instead of a direct route, the dress is going from Maple Heights,Ohio to Warrendale, Pennsylvania, to Atlanta, GA to Clarkston, MI. Total trip: 1,555 miles. Driving time is 23 hours, 33 minutes. 
How's that for efficiency!!! I don't know whether to laugh or to cry! Actually, I am scratching my head! Plus, its snowing out --- again! Did somebody forget to tell Michigan it is supposed to be spring?!!

Have a nice day. I feel better now that I have had my little rant!