Sunday, May 27, 2018

Busy Life!

If you follow me on Flickr or Facebook, you will know that things have been pretty busy for me lately. Both of my daughters have their birthdays in May. For Hannah, it was a milestone birthday -- she turned 18! Here she is at 18 years of age. These are her senior pictures and she took so many beautiful photos it is hard for me to select a favorite! 

Alyssa turned 22. Her look gets more androgynous each year. She has her own style. She gets her hair basically shaved a few time a year. It grows back so fast, you won't even know it was shaved in a month! She will be starting her last year of college in the fall, so her life is very hectic. She is home for the summer, but is working a lot. I am happy to have some time to spend with her though! Here she is at 22:

This is a big year for Hannah. She will be graduating in just a few days. They had their senior class walk out on Tuesday. This is where the entire graduating class puts on their caps and gowns and makes their last walk through the halls of Clarkston High School as students. The halls are lined with underclassmen, parents and siblings to "clap" them out! Here are a few photos of the walk:

That was also her last day of school. Her graduation ceremony will be on June 4th and her graduation party is on July 21st. I still have so much work to do to get ready for that!

Additionally, her prom was held this past Wednesday. The amount of prep we put into this was incredible. It almost felt like I was getting her ready for her wedding LOL! The dress shopping (she tried on so many!), then finding her perfect dress and ordering it. And the wait for it to get here! Remember my last post on the route it took to get here? Delivery Frustrations. Then alterations. They were actually pretty extensive. Even though we ordered the dress a size smaller than what she usually wears, it still was too big and required major taking in and hemming! I do sew, but the alterations were so extensive, we decided it was better to have them done professionally. On the day of the prom, she got her make up professionally done. To save a little money, she asked me to do her hair. Then a photo shoot of her with her friends at one of their homes which was on a lake and the "traditional" photos done at a local municipal park! Whew! Some photos for your enjoyment and/or entertainment!

While there are not any "doll" photos in this post, I think there are some really beautiful life like dolls in it! Oh, and BTW, although Prom day was over all too quickly for Hannah after all the prep, she did have a wonderful time! Me? It was all I could do to hold back the tears! My baby is so grown up!

Next post will have some photos of my latest doll adventures!

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