Saturday, January 9, 2021

A New Year: Let's Hear It For The Boys!

 OK, we made it through 2020 -- sort of! The virus is still with us though and, unfortunately, probably here to stay. I have personally been touched with it in my family. I have lost friends to the disease. We are going to have to learn to live with it. It probably means we will need to continue to take precautions like wearing masks, staying home sometimes, keeping a social distance when appropriate. The vaccine in the US at least seems to be rolling out very slowly. I am hoping that the new administration will be more proactive in getting it under control. Heck, anything they do will be better that what is happening now! The political climate in the US has worsened. With a siege by US citizens on our nation's capitol earlier this week, things have gotten to a level I never thought I would see in my lifetime. My heart breaks and I fear for my kids futures. I truly never thought this would happen here in my lifetime.

So, in my doll world, I haven't been very active with meeting my goals. By now, I should have made greater progress on the doll room, written more stories, taken more pictures. But I haven't been completely idle! I have bought lots and lots of dolls! With everything that has happened this year, my dolls and my dolly friends have been a source of sanity for me! Without further chit-chat, I am going to introduce you to some of the very latest additions. I will start with some of the boys (er men) that have joined my collection in Hanaly Corners. So, let's hear it for the boys!

I will be talking about these six handsome fellows today. That first tall fellow is and Integrity Toys addition and the rest are all from Mattel.

So here are the 5 Mattel guys. They have all been rebodied (of course!) I will detail that in the photos below.

This is Fashionista Ken #163. He is from the latest wave of Fashionistas and they are just starting to trickle out in stores, but not in my area. I ordered mine from Amazon, but you do have to monitor the site in order to get one at the retail price before the scalpers get their hands on them! He has been rebodied on the new Wheelchair Ken (Fashionista #167) who happens to have a MTM body. He has been redressed in "Gray Day Chillin' Fashion Set" for the Fresh Squad line of dolls.

Look at his face! It is a brand new mold. And he has dimples! He is a cutie and I know a few ladies in my collection are already fighting over him!

Up Next is Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Brunette Boy who is new in the Babysitters Inc lineup. He has been rebodied to an Ever After High Hunter Huntsman Body that I was using on a older Ken doll, but I played head roulette so I could give this body to this Skipper friend boy. I did have to do some trimming on the head opening to make it work, but this was a better fit for him than any regular sized Ken bodies. He is dressed in random Ken clothes I had in my clothes boxes.

Here is a close up of his face. He is rather cute! I do think that Skipper and her friends will be happy to welcome him in their group!

So there was a lot of chatter over this fellow! An AA Fashionista Ken with rooted hair! Here is Fashionista Ken #162! He has been rebodied onto a Fresh Squad Malik body and he is wearing the pants that Malik had on and his original shirt and shoes. A very nice addition to Hanaly Corners!

And here is his closeup! Yes, he is fine! (That's what several of my new ladies said when he finally arrived!) He has already been hanging out with a couple of them, but I don't think he has found his match yet!

This fellow actually came home in November of 2019, but their was so much talk about him and his long rooted hair. He is Ken Fashionista #138. I had initially put him on a Fresh Squad Daniel body and it worked pretty well, but he found a much better match in one of the wheelchair Ken bodies that I purchased (#167) recently. He again has a unique facemold and that hair?!!! Wow! He has been playing the field a bit, but he says this new body definitely expands his options! He is wearing another new outfit from the Fresh Squad line of fashions "Cameo Coolness". 

He does seem to have a look about him that the ladies just seem to love!

Now, here we have the 60th Anniversary Ken Doll in a Throwback Rocker Derek Look. He has been rebodied onto a BMR1959 green haired Ken from the 1st release of that line. He is now also wearing an outfit from the Fresh Squad fashion line, "Power Stripe - Black Top with African Print Strip and Black Denim Pants" He has been hanging out with both #138 and #162 and they are having a ball with all of the new, unattached ladies in the house.

Here is his closeup! What do you think?

I will say that I am so glad that Mattel introduced the male MTM bodies. I just wish they would come in more skintones! I wish the Fashionistas, male and female, original, tall, petite, broad and slim would all just have MTM bodies! Somebody please tell Mattel that! 

Now our last fellow in today's post!

Meet Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury from Integrity Toys 2020 lineup (now there must be a story behind that name!) This is him fully dressed. This was the only IT doll I purchased in 2020 (or at least I think so!) They are expensive for sure, but you cannot beat the quality of their clothes and the many beautifully unique dolls in the line! 

Well, that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed meeting these fellas! I will try to introduce a few more gals, guys and some new families that have or are moving to Hanaly Corners. I hope to take you on my journey of getting the places in my town in order too and to introduce you to the adventures in all their little lives through the stories that have been tumbling around in my brain and that my dolls have been pressuring me to tell!