Friday, June 5, 2020

Back Again!

Thanks to posts from Monster Crafts and Jayes Doll Space, I have been inspired to begin blogging again. I can't believe it has been a little over a year since I have posted. While I haven't been actively blogging, I have been actively adding to my doll collection. Plus I have done quite a few reroots to create new characters. And the doll stories have been writing themselves in my head, but I now need to get the down on paper, get the sets built and take the photos to tell the stories. 

As far as life goes, I have been maintaining my weight loss, but I am now trying to lose some more. Because of the weight loss and healthier eating, my health has improved a great deal and I am so happy about that. My eldest daughter graduated from college last May (2019) and has moved back home. This has necessitated moving things around in the house to accommodate the return of her furniture and other items from her apartment! My youngest is still at home and going to a local community college. She was planning on transferring to Michigan State University this fall, but the COVID-19 virus is delaying that plan for her at least one semester. I have also recently been "dating". I met him online and most of our dates and communication have been via text and phone conversations, however, after  a little over a month of communicating this way, we did decide to meet in person and have now been on a couple of dates. Who knows, I may have more to tell on that at a later date!

Since no post would be complete without some dolly pictures, I will share some of my recent reroots with you!

This is a MTM Dancer reroot project. She originally lost her Curvy body to another doll, but I put on a regular MTM Body.  The doll on the right is a spare head that I rerooted in Midnight Blue and put on an Integrity toys body.

Here they are again looking at the hair from a rear view

The girls are joined here by another MTM dancer who head was rebodied to a WWE body and she was given a hair cut.
I also rerooted a BMR 1959 doll (Kira mold) I gave her a pipecleaner wave and bangs

The rear view of her hair

The next doll I decided to reroot was the Purple Top MTM doll. You can see her in three styles here

The first doll is on her original body with her hair boil washed and straighted with a flat iron. The middle doll is using Saran hair and she is rebodied to a Curvy MTM pale body. The last girl has a yard reroot and is on the new standard jointed body.

The process of doing a yarn reroot was very interesting for me and actually a bit more involved that a reroot done with dolly hair. Therefore, I am going to share some of the steps. 

The first step is to root the head all over in yarn. because the yarn is so thick, you don't add it to every hole and it is done using a single strand of yarn for each hole using a darning style long needle and pulling it all the way through the head and knotting it at the end.

It ended up looking like this. My hands hurt after completing it.

I then began the process of brushing the yarn with a fine toothed pet brush, and straightening it with a flat iron and trimming it as I went along. The brushing out of the yarn thins out the yarn significantly.

In the end, this is how she looked. I actually think she turned out beautifully, but this process was actually much harder that using dolly hair to reroot! The nice part is you can end up with a wide variety of hair colors and the end result is easy to manipulate.

Well, that is it for now! I hope to begin posting on a regular basis!