Friday, June 23, 2017

Wonder Woman Collector Dolls

Yes, I had to! I did get the entire collection of the Wonder Woman dolls from The Barbie Collection. Twice. One set to keep intact, the other to redress and otherwise modify to fit into the Hanaly Corners neighborhood. So, here we go!

Here is a group photo of the entire series. 
The Paradise Island Gift set packaging was actually pretty awesome! It make a nice background for photos.

I released Steve from his packaging entrapments and sat him on the rock. He looks in awe and the beautiful island princess.

Next, I released Princess Diana. 

I placed all of them in the Paradise Island background.
I removed all the dolls from their clothing and redressed them in casual clothing. Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope are dressed in Fashions from the 2016 IT convention. Steve Trevor had whatever clothes I could find quickly for my male dolls. Note that he is hands are gloved and they are not easy to get off, but I will do so at a future date. In the meantime, I might rebody him on a Texas A&M Ken doll body. Wonder Woman Paradise Island is dressed in an outfit from one of the new Barbie Fashion packs.

General Antiope received a hair cut. I also unbraided her hair and boilwashed it. I really like the sassy short cut on her.

Many have questioned whether or not Antiope and Hippolyta are the same face mold. Seeing them side by side, I see differences in them that make me believe they are NOT, even though they are quite similar. From these views, you can see that their nose angles are quite different as are the angles of their chins. Antiope appears to have a wider jaw line than Hippolyta and their eyes and lips look different to me as well. What do you think???

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Fashionistas!

Hello, its me! I know I haven't been very active lately, although I have been reading many of your blogs and making some comments. The last couple of months have been a bit tough for me healthwise. I had my annual physical, and I knew I was having some health issues. It seems that there was something wrong with about every test, so I have been to all the specialties. Heart, lungs, gastrointestinal, Obgyn and rheumatology. They have put me through so many invasive tests. I sometimes wonder how in the world they come up with them. I mean, there has to be a better way to prep for a colonoscopy! The prep is what will kill you! I also had a biospy in my temple and had part of my hair shaved off. I am being treated for temporal arteritis which required the use of steroids which started at extremely high doses and that seemed to cause me so many other issues! I am working through it all and now that I am tapering off of the steroids a bit, I am feeling a bit better. Don't worry though, I am not going anywhere! 

So, since I really didn't feel up to going out of the house to shop, I did take advantage of online shopping. Amazon had many of the new Fashionistas, so, of course, I had to have some of them! I think the post office has just built a conveyor belt to my front door to deliver all of the packages. 😏🚐

I will share with you the first arrivals.

All have been rebodied, and some redressed. 
I am giving you the particulars on each doll below. I hope you enjoy!

Well, that is it for the first batch! Trust me, there is more to come! I mean, what else was I gonna do? I love dolls! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my new dolls.