Thursday, October 20, 2016

The IT Super Model Convention - We Are Back (Part 2)!

Friday, October 14 was a very big day at the Convention. This was our shopping day! What the convention organizers do is give you a number based on the timing they got your paid registration in. This puts you in a cue to go shopping. Our numbers were 374 and 375 which made our shopping window start at 9:45 am on Friday. When you pick up your registration package, you get tickets for the IT Convention dolls and showroom specials. I had pre-ordered the Convention dolls and had tickets for 2 more showroom dolls. This was also a good time to see the IT museum, the OOAK raffle dolls and vote on the design competition dolls. Here are the photos I took of those dolls:

Some really great dolls here, don't you think? I will tell you more about the design competition in a future post and show you the winner. 

Now I know you all really want to see what dolls I purchased, don't you? Here goes! 

Remember, I pre-purchased the convention collection sight unseen and I was not disappointed. There were 7 dolls in the pre-order package. We also had the opportunity to purchase the 2 Showroom dolls. I did purchase one of them.

I opened my Convention Collection when we got back to the room. I laid them out on the bed. Don't your think they look impressive?
Next, I did closeups of each of them:

Convention Collection Exclusive: Chameleon Vanessa Perrin

Convention Collection Exclusive: Covergirl Veronique Perrin

Convention Collection Exclusive: Fashionista Eugenia Perrin-Frost

Convention Collection Exclusive: Glamazon Adele Makeda

Convention Collection Exclusive: Editorial Edge Lilith/NUFACE

Convention Collection Exclusive: Fashion Force Imogen/NUFACE
Convention Collection Exclusive: Model Living Poppy Parker

IT Direct Salesroom Exclusive: Just My Style Poppy Parker
There was also an opportunity to purchase Grab Bags items for $50 each. You were guaranteed a doll and at least one fashion, so Hannah and I each bought one. Hannah did not like either one of them, so I inherited both of them. I was not extremely thrilled with them either, but I was able to purchase some fashions from the Style Lab on the last day that  made these dolls a lot nicer! I will show their photos of the final day's post.

After the Sales Room, we were allowed to go to the Color Infusion Style Lab. You were allowed to purchase one of each doll with an outfit of your choice. This was a tough decision. I wanted to buy all of them, but knew my pocket book would not allow that. So for this go around, I purchased 3 new male dolls and outfits. I still need to take their photos after deciding which outfits each would wear, so I will show them when I post the final day photos. I will also post a photo of the doll I purchased from one of the private seller's room sale too with the final day photos. The doll I purchased was none other than a Unoa doll which I have been wanting to get for quite some time, but her price has always been so high, that I could not justify it. Well, she was for sale from Denise Travers and I got her at what I thought was a fair and reasonable price.

The next event we went to on Friday was the Fashion Royalty Luncheon. Veronica Webb, who was a top model in the 1990's was the guest speaker. She was the first AA Supermodel, we were told. She is now in her early 50's and she is still stunning and in awesome shape! Can you tell I am a little jealous??? Our table was not very close for this luncheon, but I was able to get some photos of her on screen. She is the lady on the right.

Veronica Webb is a very savvy and elegant business woman. She has a lot of things in the works and we enjoyed her very, very much. My daughter, Hannah, found her very inspirational. 

Once again, we had a very nice meal for lunch. We were also not disappointed with the Centerpiece doll either. Hannah's number came up this time and she gave her number to me so I could purchase her.  Don't you think she is beautiful???!!!

Friday Luncheon Table Centerpiece Doll: Legendary Natalia Fatale
We also received the third look for the Welcome Giftset at our table and our table host gave us a lucite chair her husband made with the WClub logo on it.

Look 3 for Tulabelle Welcome Giftset
Once again, we were also gifted with another doll. 

Friday Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll: Shade Kyori Sato
I don't know if you're are keeping track, but this adds 16 new dolls to my ever growing collection. That is 15 purchases and 1 gift doll. Added to the 3 dolls (1 purchased and 2 gift dolls) from the first day, that is now a total of 19 new dolls for Hanaly Corners! There are still a few more plus the 6 mentioned in this post that I haven't shown pictures of yet that you have yet to see, so stayed tuned for the final post coming up in a day or two!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The IT Super Model Convention - We Are Back (Part 1)!

We are back from the IT Super Model Convention in  Chicago, IL!  We left Wednesday afternoon after Hannah got home from school. We ended up driving through a couple of torrential rainstorms, so it took us closer to 6 hours to get there. The Convention was actually in Rosemont, which is a suburb of Chicago and about 45 minutes from Chicago by train. This was a little disappointing because Hannah had wanted to do a little sightseeing in Chicago. If we had realized this ahead of time, we would have either left a day earlier or taken an extra day off. However, we both had a good time at the Convention, so we were still very happy that we went. 

One of the highlights is that on the last day, we were able to find Georgia Girl, who was also at the Convention! She is a very sweet lady. I didn't have my camera or phone on me when I stopped at her table, so I didn't get her picture, but her friend at the table did take a picture of us all together. So, Georgia Girl, if you don't mind on sending me a copy of that photo, I would love it! I also met a couple of my Flickr friends and a whole bunch of new people.

What was very interesting was that our Table Host, Rhonda, was also from Michigan. Since we are also from Michigan, we thought it was quite a coincidence!

Without further delay, I will post some of the photos we took at the convention. I will probably split the posting of photos up a bit, so there will probably be at least two posts on this!

Convention Registration, Wednesday night

The welcome doll was received at registration. She was in a pretty big box with lots of extra space, so you knew that more was coming!
Convention Registration Welcome Doll: "You Better Werk Tulabelle/THE INDUSTRY"

Lights in Convention Room

Chicago view from our hotel (Hyatt Regency O'Hare)

Waiting to get into Welcome Dinner

Table 15 tablemates
 The first event was the Welcome Dinner which was on Thursday evening. It was a Poppy Parker event. They introduced the theme for the 2017 Poppy line, which will have a 1990's Model theme. We did not see any of the dolls that would be offered, but they did share photos of models from that era that would be used for inspiration (such as Twiggy!).

Centerpiece Doll: "Kicks! Poppy Parker"
Isn't she pretty?! My number was drawn to get an opportunity to purchase her and I did! We also received Look 2 for Tulabelle:

We also got a free doll, which was another Poppy Parker. This all exceeded my expectations!

Welcome Dinner Gift Doll: "Big Eyes Poppy Parker"
Well, that is all for now. I will tell you about the 2nd day, Friday, October 14  (which was my shopping day!) in the next post. There will be lots of photos in that one 'cuz I did purchase a few dolls!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Integrity Toys Supermodel Convention!

How many of you have a bucket list? I do. I used to call it my life goals list, but as I have aged, it has changed more into a bucket list. I have achieved several of the items on my list, but now, I am about to check off a pretty big item.

At my daughter's encouragement, Hannah and I are going to the IT Supermodel Convention in Chicago, Illinois! This has actually take quite a bit of forward planning and  a lot of budgeting! The item on my bucket list was to attend either a Barbie or an Integrity Toys convention. When they announced that the IT Convention would be in Chicago this year, it suddenly made the trip possible for us as Chicago is a driveable distance for us.

So if you are coming to the convention in Chicago, we would love a chance to meet you! We will be at Table 15. We are so excited!

Supermodel Convention Logo Courtesy of Integrity Toys

We will try to post some photos from the convention!