Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hanaly Corners Update!

After finishing my body modifications to make an articulated Curvy Barbie, I decided to give the upgraded body to my mini me in Hanaly Corners. And, since my daughters are growing up (ages 17 and 21 now) I decided to upgrade their mini me's as well to reflect who they are now better. Plus, it gives me more interesting stories to tell about them. Here we all are!

L to R: Hannah (age 17), Phyllis (???), Alyssa (age 21). Hannah is on a Pure Neemo L body, Phyllis has the modified Curvy Barbie Body and Alyssa is on a Pure Neemo M body. 

We will also be getting a house in Hanaly Corners. I am just getting started on it. I have the High School Musical house that I will be working on to be our home! 

The upstairs will have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom between them.I will most likely extend out the floors to give this house more floorspace.

The first floor will have a kitchen, dining area and living room. I am excited to begin working on it! Our dog, Carly and cats Mittens and Jasmine approve of the new digs!
I will share progress on this home as I go. I hope you guys will like what I end up doing!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Mother's day today! My girls fixed me breakfast this morning and are taking me out to dinner tonight!

Happy Mother's Day. Hope everybody has a wonderful day!