Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remember the Gordons?

I still haven't been able to work on my dioramas because of health issues, but I did manage to build up more of the Gordon family story. Grandma and Grandpa Gordon are planning a visit to Hanaly Corners soon to see Michael and Sharmaine's new home and visit other members of the family living here. 

Michael comes from a large family. His parents were hard working and did everything they could to give their children the best life possible. Michael's father, Keegan Gordon worked in a steel mill near Chicago for over 30 years. Keegan's wife, Dasia, worked hard raising 9 children and worked from home as a seamstress. They are both retired now, but still live in the humble home that they raised their family in.

Meet Keegan and Dasia Gordon:

Keegan is a 1993 Hasbro baseball legend (I can't remember who though). Dasia is a Big Beautiful doll.
As I mentioned, Keegan and Dasia have 9 children. There are 2 sets of twins in the family.

Back Row, L to R: Louvenia (31), Shemar (40), Dant'e (20), Michael (37), Victor (34), Veronica (34)
Seated, L to R: Danisha (28), Nichelle (24), Nia (24)
I will tell you a little more about each family member and introduce you to their families, if they have one.

Shemar's Story:

Shemar is the eldest of the Gordon clan. He is 40 and is married to Kimani, age 38. They have 3 children: Courtney (14), Tamika (11) and Kadeem (8). Shemar has a degree in Architectural Design and Construction. He met Kimani in college -- they both went to Chicago University, but she was from Hanaly Corners. He was a very talented architect and worked for a firm in Chicago.  When Carter-Winthrop Enterprises built their headquarters in Hanaly Corners, the Chicago company was hired to oversee design and construction. Shemar was assigned to the project. Because of the magnitude of the project, Shemar and Kimani decided to move to Hanaly Corners which brought them closer to Kimani's family.  Shemar did so well, that Carter-Winthrop made a substantial investment to keep him in Hanaly Corners and he started his own Architectural Design and Construction company. 

Back Row, L to R: Courtney (14), Kimani (38), Shemar (40)
Front Row, L to R: Tamika (11), Kadeem (8)

Victor's Story:

Victor went to undergraduate school at the University of Illinois and Law School at University of Michigan. He specialized in Corporate and International Law. He spent the summer after his junior year in India and met a beautiful young woman named Jasmine. They kept in touch, and while Victor was in law school, Jasmine came to the U of M to complete a master's degree in mathematics. They married shortly after Victor was hired by Carter-Winthrop as part of their legal staff and they moved to Hanaly Corners where Jasmine is a professor of Mathematics at the local college. They have 2 children, Asia (6), Kalani (3).

Back, L to R: Victor (34), Kalani (3), Jasmine (33)
Front: Asia (6)
Jasmine is the new Disney Store Princess Jasmine doll rebodied on an older Nikki Fashionista body
Veronica's Story:

Veronica is Victor's twin. Discovered by a modeling agent while in high school after winning a modeling contest, she embarked on a career in modeling while in college. She quickly rose to being a top model and moved to New York where she met and married Remi Townsend who is a news anchor for a national news network headquartered in New York. They have 2 children: Pasia (6) and Sidney (2). Veronica continues to model on a limited basis while she now heads a New York based modeling agency.

L to R: Veronica (34), Sidney (2), Remi (36), Pasia (6)

Danisha's Story:

Danisha graduated from Chicago University with a degree in Engineering. She accepted a summer internship starting in her sophomore year with Carter-Winthrop Enterprises. She met Henry Conlin who was also a summer intern with Carter-Winthrop. They married and both accepted positions at Carter-Winthrop Enterprises upon graduation from college. They do not have any children ---- yet! They live in Hanaly Corners.

Henry (27), Danisha (28)

Louvenia's Story:

Louvenia (everyone calls her Lou) is single and is a doctor. She is doing her residency at Chicago Memorial Hospital in Women's Breast Health & Surgery. She works very long hours and is very busy! She shares a house in Chicago with other residents.

Nichelle and Nia:

Nichelle and Nia are identical twins. They are both attending the University of Illinois. Nichelle is studying to be a nurse and Nia is attending Law school. They live together with 2 other students at the University in a house off campus. They are both very active and single.


Dant'e is the baby of the family. He has taken after big brother Michael and is attending University of Michigan on a basketball scholarship. He dates, but no steady girlfriend.

L to R: Dant'e (20), Nia (24), Nichelle (24), Louvenia (31)
The Gordon's are a very close knit family. When they get together, they have a lot of fun and make a lot of noise. Hope you enjoyed this intro!

Here is the whole family all together for a photo session. This was very challenging for the photographer, but she managed to get a few good shots. Below are photos from the session. 
The clan with no spouses or grandkids

The complete Gordon clan!

Grandpa and Grandma with all the grands

All the grandkids!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Outfit for Dasia

Remember my last post where I thought the Lammily outfit Celebrating Denmark looked a bit "frumpy" on my Katie? Well, I thought I would try it on my Dasia. So far, I only had her in a dress made from a sock.  Here she is in the Lammily Celebrating Denmark dress:

Front view of Celebrating Denmark on Dasia
No frumpiness on her at all! In fact, she looks great in it! The fit in the back doesn't close all of the way, but who needs to see it from the back, right?

The fit is a bit snug in the back - Maybe I can add a piece of black elastic?
I do think this dress looks a whole lot better on Dasia than on Lammily. I thinks she will keep the dress!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Been A While!

It has been a while since I have done a post. I have had some health issues, so it has been difficult to post. We were also busy with a student from Japan staying with us for the past week. I have not been able to sew or work on my dios, so this has been quite a disappointment for me especially as I have seen so many great things coming from you guys. I will try to do better. I have several things planned including working on the story for the Winthrop-Carter family. I have been working on the script, but haven't taken any pictures yet or finished the dios.

For today, I would like to show you the new clothes I got for my Lammily dolls and some new fashionistas.

First, Katie asked her friend Miranda (Randi) to help her model the new clothes:

Miranda (Randi) is a Style Teresa rebodied on a Lammily Body. She is Katie's friend.

Katie in Exploring Rio

Randi in A Stroll Through Paris

Randi in Rocking London and Katie in Celebrating Denmark

Rocking London and Celebrating Denmark without jackets
I like most of these outfits, but I think Celebrating Denmark is a bit on the frumpy side -- more suited to an older lady. I also notice that the sweaters are both turtle necks. I hope to make them some clothes in the very near future that shows off the Lammily figure better.

I also purchased the newest trio of Fashionista dolls:

"Albino" Fashionista on a 2015 Style Barbie body; Barbie Fashionista on a 2015 Style Barbie Body; AA Fashionista on a Baby Phat Chandra body

A closer look at their faces

Last, but not least on this post, I mentioned that we had a Japanese student stay with us for a week (just last week!) On her last night, she made us a traditional Japanese dish called Okonomiyaki which was a favorite of my eldest daughter on her trip to Japan last summer. Anyway, it is a cabbage pancake basically. Here is a picture of one below:

Okonomiyaki (Cabbage Pancake)
This was so yummy! 

That is all for now -- I didn't want you all to think I had dropped off of the face of the earth! Hope to post more soon!