Monday, July 7, 2014

The Doll That Started It All

I got my first Barbie doll when I was 8 or 9 years old.  My sister had received the Black haired Ponytail Barbie the previous year, so I wanted one too. I am a natural blonde, and in my youth my hair was a very light blonde - almost platinum so it was a no brainer that I got the Platinum Blonde Bubble Cut Barbie. My sister and I played for hours on end with those dolls. We dressed them up, talked for them and it was so much fun! I still had my doll when I was in high school, but was too grown up to admit that I still liked her (LOL). We gave them to my young niece to play with and later they were sold in a garage sale.

When I became an adult, I still was interested in the fashion doll, but somehow thought it would be too embarrassing to purchase dolls for myself, but I would always play Barbies with my nieces when I saw them.  When I got my daughter Alyssa in 1996 from China, it opened up the opportunity to get her some Barbie dolls. Starting with her third birthday, I got her a new doll for every occasion and reward possible. And she loved that I would play Barbie for hours on end with her. I instilled in her the love of the doll, and every time she opened a new Barbie, she would say: "Thank you, Mom, just what I always wanted." Now that she is a teen, she has given me most of her dolls to add to my stash! My youngest daughter also fell in love with Barbie and we sometimes still play with them together.

I then started to buy dolls for myself also and began collecting the Dolls of the World series, however, I longed for the doll of my youth to return. I discovered eBay, and began my quest. At that time, I was most interested in searching through the vintage dolls. It took a while, and I did find and purchase several vintage dolls before finally finding a vintage Platinum Blonde Bubble Cut doll in good condition. Here she is!

Here is another of her full body view.  Note that her dress is vintage as well.

Before I found her, I purchased a Platinum reproduction, pictured below.

Other vintage dolls I purchased along the way (see a pattern here??)

Barbies and Kens:

Midges and Alans:

My favorite gal with her vintage beau!

And my favorite Midge with Alan!

And that is how it all began for me.  I now probably have between 400 and 500 dolls in my collection.  You think a monster has been created???

Thanks for looking!


  1. Over 400 dolls! Even though I saw all the photos in your first post, it doesn't seem like so many dolls. I guess that's how they sneak up on you by being so small.

    1. That is because you are not seeing them all! I have a display case for my vintage and special dolls that I don't play with and many dolls in other cabinets and boxes. I will be "exposing" them as we go. The other day, I couldn't find a doll that I recently purchased and I said to my daughter: "There is a doll missing!". She replied, "How would you ever know?!"

  2. I remember her!! Also being so enthralled with her clothes!!! We need to play together one of these days.

    1. That would be nice. You will have to come and help me organize!