Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moxie Girls Friends Target Exclusive

I haven't been able to do much lately with my dolls as I had a bad fall, banging up my knee pretty badly.  I have been on crutches and am supposed to keep my leg elevated and iced and I can't go up and down stairs and since the dolls are now in the basement . . . well, I think you get it. Fortunately, nothing is broken, but the bruise is pretty awful and measures approximately 12 inches by 8 inches and my knee is extremely swollen. We took a picture of it, but my daughters and I agree that it is too gruesome to post! Suffice it to say that it is painful and has once again grounded me.

Today we did go out and stopped at Target. I rode on an Amigo electric cart and we stopped by the dolls. For the most part, I found the Barbie section very disappointing. What we did find, however, was some Target Exclusive Moxie Girls Friends. They were $2.99 each, so I did purchase two of them. I think they had 4 or 5 total different girls. I purchased an African American doll and a redheaded doll.

The back of the box :

I deboxed them. They are very similar in size to the Barbie Stacie dolls. They can stand on their own quite well. They are also jointed similar to the latest round of Stacie's. Their arms and legs move back and forth. There is no sideways movement at all.

Since I couldn't go down the basement, I had my daughter bring up a couple of my other kid dolls so I could do a comparison. Here is the bunch together. Stacie is a bit taller than the Moxie Girls Friends dolls. The original Kelley is shorter and the interim version of Kelley/Stacie is smaller. 

Here you see Stacie and Moxie nude. Moxie is a bit shorter and thinner.  They both have molded flesh colored underwear.  Moxie's feet are also thinner. Moxie's head is slightly larger than Stacie's.

I also switched their clothes to see how they would fit.  Stacie's clothes were a bit big on Moxie, but the dress was an OK fit. The shoes were also a bit loose. 

It stands to reason that the Moxie clothes were a bit tight on Stacie. However, I was able to make them fasten in the back and the outfit was cute. The shoes were a little tight, but will work. I didn't have a SIS kid upstairs, so I didn't get to try, but I know that the SIS kids bodies are a little slimmer than the Stacie and friends bodies, so I am sure the clothes with fit them as well.

I also switched the clothes with the interim Kelley/Stacie doll.  These were also a pretty good fit.  Once again, the Kelley/Stacie clothes were loose fitting on the Moxie doll, but I could make them work. The boots from this outfit fit Moxie, but were also a little loose.  Moxie's clothes fit the interim Kelley/Stacie a bit better than on the current Stacie, however, the Moxie shoes were much tighter on this doll.

I also compared these two dolls in the nude. You can see that Moxie is a little taller, and Kelley/Stacie's feet are a bit larger.

I think that the Moxie Girls friends were a nice find. I may go back and buy more. At the price of $2.99, they are cheaper than the Stacie sized doll and their clothes are cute.  They also make nice friends for the Barbie kids and will make nice additions to my families. I would probably age them in the 4 to 5 age range.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I happened to go to three Targets tonight and these were not in stock yet. I think they are actually pretty cute. My only surprise is that they didn't call them Moxie Kidz to go with their Girlz/Teenz line.

  2. These girls are adorable. I'll definitely be looking for them next time I'm in Target. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a quick recovery.

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  4. I saw these at Target too! They are so cute! They have wonderful screening and features. Sadly most of the AA dolls had white bodies, can you believe that! Only one had an AA body. I'll have to post a photo. BTW, I think you mean Chelsea. Chelsea is about 4 & 1/2 inches and blonde. Stacie is about 9 inches and a redhead. I am so glad you did the clothes and shoe comparison. I was wondering about how I could use the outfits. Thanks for the post!

    1. Oops, you are right, I meant Chelsea not Stacie! Thanks for pointing that out. Glad the post was helpful. Hopefully, I will be able to do another post soon.

  5. I bought the redhead, too. She is beyond cute! I need to find her a family pronto. You're right about the clothes fitting the SIS dolls. In my post, I showed Cameo and SIS Courtney wearing each other's clothes. I hope you're all healed and able to get back to your dollies soon.

  6. Hello! Hope this post finds you feeling better.

    Thanks for sharing these dolls. I have not seen them yet in Philly. I was not in the "right" one, I suppose, lol.

    I love how you share the fashions on other dolls. That's always fun to see.

    The hair on these dolls is striking. I love the curls on the black-haired, ethnic doll and the vivid redness of the other's hair.

  7. Sorry to learn of your fall and I hope that you have a speedy recovery! Thanks for showing these mini Moxies. I think that they are cute and will probably pick up the AA if I happen to see her. I'm concerned about Ms. Leo's post above indicating that they have white bodies though. What's up with that?

  8. Oh Phyllis, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope by now you are doing better. I felt like I was reading about my own ordeal. So many similarities. I need to get to a Target and pick up a couple of these kids. I really like them. At first I was thinking their heads were going to be too big, but it seems to work just fine with the Barbie kids.

  9. Jewell, D7ana, RoxanneRoxanne and Vanessa. Thank you for your comments and concern. While I am doing much better and no longer using crutches, going up and down stairs is still difficult, so I keep it to a minimum. The bruising is diminished, but the knee cap itself still sports a visible bruise. There is an audible (and painful!) popping in the knee at times. It sort of clicks -- I guess I have a click knee like some of my dolls!

    I have been out and about, and have managed to get some of the Sparkle Girls clothes. Watch for a post later today with some photos.

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