Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blog Giveaway #3 Announcement!

Well, it is time for Blog Giveaway #3! I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am. First, of course, we had to introduce some more new dolls that have moved into Hanaly Corners.
Yes, more Fashion Royalty dolls. Here we have "IT Airways Poppy Parker", "Anthony Julian"-Video Director for Gem and the Holograms and "Power House Ayumi" of the 2015 NuFace collection. You should know that Anthony Julian and Ayumi were ordered in June, but they only just arrived in January 2016. I won the right to purchase Airways Poppy in a W Club lottery.  It should also be noted that I will most likely change Mr. Julian's first name because "Anthony" was my ex-husband's name and it make it hard to relate this fine example of a man to my ex! I am thinking maybe Alexander?? Below is a closeup of these 3:

I love all 3 of these characters, and they are a prime example of why I decided to join the WClub again in 2016. There are still a few more dolls that I ordered from IT in 2015 that will come in the Spring of 2016 or even later. 

So now, these 3 have agreed to help announce Blog Giveaway #3.

Yes, here we go with another fashion pack! I really like this one too! 

Poppy pulled me aside and suggest we take a picture without flash to get rid of the glare from the packaging so you all could see the better. 

Once again, here are the rules for the Giveaway:

  • You need to be a follower of this blog to enter.
  • You can only enter one time for each Giveaway.
  • You will have one week to enter. Drawing will be on Sunday February 14, 2016.
  • You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.
  • Winner will be selected at random. Once you have won a Giveaway, you will not be eligible for the subsequent Giveaways in this series.
  • The winner will be announced via blog and will be asked for personal email to communicate through.
  • The winner will have one week to respond.
  • Your item will be shipped out upon receipt of your shipping information and the postage will be covered by Phyllis.
Ok, that is it for this one! For anyone who is entering, Good Luck!


  1. I would love to participate! ^_^ <3

  2. That's a nice gift. Someone will be very lucky.

  3. I would love to be entered! Thank you so much :)

  4. Love your dolls and the outfits. Please enter me.

  5. Oh, you have Anthony Julian! He's so great, and so cute :-). The girls are beautiful too, and dressed so nice!

  6. Love your fashion sense! Anthony Julien doll is so cool!

  7. I would love to participate! <3

  8. Count me in, too - those leggings remind me of my childhood...

  9. Oh, lovely dolls! I would love to participate in this giveaway :).

  10. I would love to participate. The fashions are awesome!I am enjoying reading your blog.

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