Friday, March 10, 2017

Winner for 2017 Blog Giveaway #2

Yes, we have a winner! No, I did not forget about this Giveaway, but my house has been in a state of disarray for a while and I am finally getting things put back together! Just so you know, I had been planning on painting the interior of my house for a while now, but things like needing a new furnace and my painter's busy schedule kept setting us back from getting it done. So, when he called me to say he had a window open to get it done, I jumped at the chance. Here is what it looked like for a while:

What you don't see is all of the stuff we had to move to other rooms ahead of time. My bedroom was stuffed to the gills and I felt like I was the subject of an episode of "Hoarding, Buried Alive"! But the painting is now finished and we are getting very close to having everything rearranged and put back together. And, of course, this included shopping for some new stuff and getting rid of some old stuff too! When It is done, I will share some photos.

Since I didn't want to delay this any further, I wanted to go ahead and announce the winner of the 2nd Giveaway item. Note that there are still 2 more items to be given away and I will get both of those items posted shortly (sometime this weekend, maybe even this afternoon!)

Without further delay, the winner is   . . . . .

Congratulations, AG Lanc! Just in case you forgot, you won the Lammily Boy Doll (Animal Rescuer).  Please send me an email with your shipping information and I will get this guy out to you ASAP! My email is


  1. Congratulations AG Lanc! I totally understand the whole mess painting is, I painted my house a couple of years ago and during a few days my house looked like a bomb had just exploted.
    Glad to see you're back!

  2. Oh my! Lots of work going on in your house, Phyllis.

    Congratulations to AG Lanc!

  3. I had started to worry about you. We've had a lot of folks get sick at work lately. I'm glad it wasn't that.

    Congrats AG Lanc!

  4. What a big job! I've got my hands full just working on the interior of my tiny house! Good luck with the rest of the work :)

    Congratulations to the winner AG Lanc!

  5. Congrats to you, AG Lanc!
    Phyllis, best wishes to getting through this painting can be so hard when the house is in a state of disarray, but I'm sure it will look so good when it's done! Do you have a doll room that is dedicated for your dolls or do you just have them in random places throughout the home?

  6. Yea! I can't believe I won! Thanks Phyllis and everyone for the congratulations.

  7. Congrats to AG Lanc, and congrats to you on getting your house painted. The prep work is always the worst. I always wonder on those house shows what they do with the peoples stuff when they are doing all that work.

  8. Congratus to AG Lanc. Oh my, Phyllis....that looks like a lot of work ahead!!!

  9. Gratulacje dla Zwycięzcy!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  10. Congratulations AG Lanc! Hope you'll share photos online ;-)

    Congratulations Phyllis! I look forward to seeing your new stuff and any new settings you share.

  11. OMG you have a lot of work ahead,wish you good vibes.
    Congrats to AG Lanc.