Thursday, March 14, 2019

Where Has Phyllis Been???

Yes, it has been a long time since I have posted, but I promise to start posting about my dolls again soon. Even though I haven't posted, I have definitely added to my doll collection, so expect to see some new faces in Hanaly Corners 😏. I am still working on my doll room, but my progress is slow. I have so many doll stories in my head that I can't wait to start photographing and writing for them. That is a lot more work that I thought, so I want to tell you how much I admire those that create doll stories regularly.

It has been a busy year! After my daughter's high school graduation, I decided I needed to really focus on getting healthier and getting some weight off. After getting off of steroids (I never want to take those again!) I embarked on a weight loss journey and began a diet called "The Metabolic Factor" in mid September 2018. I am happy to report that, to date, I have lost 64 pounds and am continuing to lose. I feel great! I have gained a lot of mobility and energy back! I am doing more and loving it! I have even been doing some dating! Is there a special somebody??? We will see, but I will tell you it is very different dating in your 60's!!! LOL! But it is not impossible. You do look at things a little differently for sure.

While I don't normally like to post photos of myself, I wanted you, my friends to see the progress I have made, so here is a before and after:

Yikes, that before photo is tough to look at!

There is still a lot going on in my life. Hannah (my baby) has started college. Alyssa (my eldest) will be graduating from college in May. That is going to keep me pretty busy! I joined the Great Lakes Doll Club (Metro Detroit area doll club in Michigan) and that has also kept me very busy. I have been working on the GAW convention for 2019, so if any of you attend that, look for me there! And, if you are not a convention goer but want to come to the doll show on Sunday April 14, here is a flyer for that!

So, my friends, I am back! While I have still been reading your blogs and commenting, I do have to say that I have missed seeing you all here!


  1. Welcome back, Phyllis. So good to see you again. And, might I say, you look fantastic. Thanks for the invitation to the doll show. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Big hugs, April

  2. Welcome back! You look amazing for being in your 60s! I want to focus on getting healthier too, and I need to loose a little bit of weight, but just like 10 pounds or so. I'm also trying to eat less junk, which seems to be working.
    Currently I'm busy with college,but in June I will be back with more doll stuff. I'm looking forward to see your new dolls and stories.
    Take care!

  3. Thanks! If you start to eliminate junk and processed food and eat more fruits and veggies, that makes a tremendous difference. My goal is to lose 100 pound total. A little less that 40 to go! My progress has slowed a little, but I am determined and will continue with eating healthier as I feel so much better with this weight off and am much more active now!

    1. If you feel better with yourself, that's all that matters. Also, I'm following you on Bloglovin. TBH, I'm not sure what the page is useful for, I joined 2 years ago, but I don't really check it out much.

  4. Congratulations on your weight loss journey, that's an awesome accomplishment.I wish you all the best in achieving your goals!

  5. Welcome back (I too was on a short hiatus) and congrats on a healthier you! Look forward to seeing more of your dolls.

  6. Great to see you here. I, too, need to get back. I look forward to reading your new stories and posts.

  7. Hey, Phyllis.. Looking fabulous, dear.. I am so happy to be hearing from you and seeing you looking healthier ❤️ Keep it up, dear friend 💋

  8. Waw .... I did not recognize you. Si tu n’avais pas tes lunettes, je ne t’aurai pas reconnu. It is a very Nice transformation. Congradulation!

  9. Tak się cieszę, że znowu widzę Cię na blogu :-)
    Gratuluję takich wspaniałych wyników - wyglądasz wspaniale!
    Życzę dalszych postępów i wielu fantastycznych niespodzianek w Twoim życiu :-)
    Czekam na posty o lalkach i pozdrawiam serdecznie ♥

  10. Gratuluję efektów!
    z radością poczytam
    Twoją fotorelację :)

  11. As soon as I quit checking on ya frequently, you post something. I see how you are.

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  13. I just wondered, "Where is Phyllis?" You look fabulous! I must investigate the metabolic diet.


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  16. Just a quick message to see if you're doing OK during this crazy times, since I haven't heard from you in ages.
    Hope you and your family are fine and healthy. Take care.

  17. Wow Phyllis! Don't you look fabulous!! Well done! Hope all is well with you and that this isn't going to be your last post, your readers miss you as you can see by the comments.
    Big hugs,

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