Friday, August 7, 2020

The Big My Scene Doll Makeover!

 At the urging of a friend on Instagram (Dollboy92) I decided to dig out my daughters' old My Scene dolls. I am sure many of you remember them. They were brought into the Mattel line up to compete with the Bratz dolls in 2002 and were discontinued in 2014. I will be honest, and I don't want to irritate any Bratz fans, but I did steer my daughters away from Bratz in favor of the the My Scene dolls. So going through my doll stash, I discovered that we had 21 of the My Scene gal dolls in a box. We do have some of the boys as well, but their bodies were commandeered for use on some of our old Ken dolls, so they are not a part of the resurrection post.

I will tell you that these dolls were favorites of both of my daughters, and they were very well "played" with! Their hair was quite a tangled mess, so it has been quite a challenge to get these girls looking good! I did their makeovers in "waves", but for purposes of this blog, I will share photos of all 21 dolls in this post. Note that, as is normal for me, all dolls have been rebodied to articulated bodies. 

So here is wave 1

From L to R: Nolee on a Natalya WWE Superstar body, Madison with a toothy smile is on a Blue Top MTM yoga body (2nd release), Madison with a closed mouth in on a MTM yoga body Wave 2 Hispanic with hair in a bun, and Barbie is on a Katniss Hunger Games 2 body.

Here are a few close ups of the girls:

The 2nd wave of makeovers:

Top L - Madison w lighter skintone and rebodied on the MTM Dancer! Her hair was originally quite curly, but was in quite a mess. I managed to comb in out, washed and conditioned the hair and straightened it using a flat iron and then trimmed it to this shorter bob. Top R - Delancey on MTM Curvy Yoga, Bottom L - Madison with lighter skintone rebodied on MTM Baseball Barbie and finally, My Scene Special Edition Lindsay Lohan on MTM BMR "Green Beret".

Some additional photos:

Wave 3 of the makeovers:

This group consists of 4 Nolee dolls. It was quite challenging as I had to really dig to find replacement bodies for each of these girls. I hope you will think that I made the right choices! So here we go, Left to right: Nolee on a Purple Top MTM body, Nolee on a BMR green hat MTM body, Nolee on a pale 11 jointed playline body and Nolee on a Dollmore 1:6 scale ball-jointed body. This last one was the most difficult. I was running low on Pale skin tone bodies when I remember I had purchased the Dollmore bodies. Still need to find her some shoes, but I like how she looks on this body. Her hair was in such bad condition, that I thought I might have to reroot her, but after cutting it to shoulder length and giving her a boil wash, I was able to come up with the bob style for her. I like it for now at least! What do you think?

Their closeups!

Wave 4:
This time around, we have 4 Chelsea dolls. From L to R, Chelsea on a play line Barbie with 11 points of articulation, Chelsea on a BMR Tall Barbie - wave 1, Chelsea on Pink Top MTM yoga body and Chelsea on a Dollmore 1:6 scale body with natural skintone.

Their closeups!

After some consideration I decided to swap the Dollmore Body for a Liv body. What do you think?

The 5th and final wave!
This group has 5 dolls in it to finish the 21 dolls I have for makeovers! This time around, there are 4 Barbie/Kennedy dolls and one Madison. From L to R Back Row, Barbie/Kennedy on a play line Barbie with 11 points of articulation, Barbie/Kennedy on a WWE body, Barbie/Kennedy on a MTM Baseball player body and Barbie/Kennedy on a MTM BMR wave 1 green beret body. Front row seated is a Madison on a MTM Wave 1 second release Blue Top Yoga Theresa body. These have all been a challenge to find the right body for, to get there hair manageable and to get them dressed in cute outfits. Knowing that my daughters played and played with these dolls, you can probably only imagine what some of the hair was like especially for those dolls that had curls. I hope you have enjoyed them!

Their closeups!

That is the show for today! I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Love the updates and transformations. So beautiful.

  2. Wspaniałe dziewczyny! Bardzo lubię lalki My Scene! Pokazałaś ich tak dużo :)))
    Wszystkie piękne i jak różne! Na ciałkach mtm mogą cudownie pozować!
    Mają najpiękniejsze oczy na świecie! :)))
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie, Phyllis ♥

    1. Thank you, Olla! It was a lot of work, but they did turn out really great. Their new bodies really brought them to life!

  3. They all look beautiful now! They also look really good in the BMR1959 clothes and modern Fashionista outfits. :) I think that the Liv body looks like a good match, although so does the Dollmore body. Love the I'm a Hugger shirt! You did a great job on these ladies. :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! I am going to keep the Chelsea on the Liv body for now, but the Nolee with the bob hair cut will stay on the Dollmore body. It was fun making them over!

    2. Butting my big nose in here - the Hugger tee shirt is from Mattel WWE Bayley. I recognize it because I have that action doll. I think Phyllis posted about the WWE dolls in previous posts. Butting out now ;-)

    3. Yes, D7ana is absolutely correct! WWE Bayley shirt!

  4. I like the Lindsay Lohan girl, a lot. She's unique!

    1. Yes, the Linsay Lohan doll is super unique. I like how she turned out!

  5. Those look fantastic! Madison in the Teresa yoga body is a perfect match. The first Nolee is very pretty (she was my favourite back then). I wish I had the knowledge or a stash of articulated bodies to rebody some of my stiff Fashionistas. Ever since Mattel has decided to make the Made to Move bodies so scarce, it's hard to get articulated bodies at an affordable price. It's great to know that there are other alternatives out there.

    I did like the MyScene dolls, but I didn't get any of them. The years those were active were the years I wasn't actively collecting. At some point, my parents decided I was too old to play with dolls and would make sneaky remarks whenever I played with them. I got a couple Bratz dolls from the first wave, but I don't have really any fond memories of them. Looking back at my childhood (or teen years then), those aren't the dolls I remember the most.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    1. I know it is hard to get the MTM bodies in Europe. I had quite a good stash until recently! I bought them whenever there was a sale on them to put in my stockpile. I have had to slow down on my buying though!

  6. Thank you for this post as it gives me some background on this doll family. It's not really the type of doll I collect, however a few years ago, three of them landed on my doorstep from a friend who was cleaning "the junk" out of her garage. I had planned to give them away, but they looked at me with their big eyes and pleaded with me to stay. Your collection of them is impressive. And you did such a great job of restoring them. I am looking for new bodies for mine as well right now. And I also redid their hair and makeup. I agree with you about MyScene over the Bratz. The MyScene are so much prettier I think. I enjoyed this post a lot.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I would love to see your makeovers! I know you will probably make their clothes and you are good at makeup and hair!

  7. Nice pictures as usual. Again well comeback.

  8. Hi, Phyllis! We're benefiting from Dollboy92's request! Thanks for making over your daughters' My Scene dolls. I preferred My Scene rather than Bratz because Bratz not only had ginormous heads that lacked noses, they also had scrawny bodies (usually). The My Scene heads were still too big so I used their bodies for Barbies/Barbie friends whose heads fit with the Belly Button My Scene bodies. They had great scene setting accessories - vehicles AND furnishings. Oh those were good doll days.

    Out of your make-overs, I like your bobbed Nolee and your bobbed Madison best. The shorter hair and dark red lips give them an edgier, glamorous look.

    Oh - and those tee shirts - adorable! Did you make them. A nosy person (me) wants to know ;-)

    1. Yes, I like the bobbed haircuts too! Sometimes out of a tangled mess can come a little something special! I got the graphic tees from a seller on eBay,

  9. You have been very busy and you've made a great job of these girls makeovers. I really enjoyed seeing what you've done with them to bring them back to their former glory :)

  10. Nice Collection of Dolls!

    I have also a love doll that looks so pretty in all dresses. I have bought lots of dresses for her, she is like my girlfriend.

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