Thursday, June 3, 2021

Exciting New Doll Line - Barbie Looks Dolls

 Well, Mattel has done it again! Surprised us with a new doll line. One would have hoped that we would have heard about it from Mattel, but they dropped the ball on announcing it to us as online sleuths found out about it and reported the dolls on their sites. They very quickly became available on Amazon for pre-order if you were lucky enough to grab them and eBay opportunist are already offering them at inflated prices. The line is called Barbie Signature Looks.

This new series has debuted with 6 brand new dolls. All new face sculpts, MTM articulation and in Original, Tall, Petite and Curvy for the ladies and 2 guys with the Original MTM Ken body. Here is a photo of the group of dolls from the back of the box:

I have managed to order numbers 4-6 and I am still trying to snag number 1 & 2. My number 6 doll arrived yesterday. She is listed on Amazon as Barbie Signature Looks Doll (Tall, Blonde)

I did not waste any time opening her, so without further adieu, I will share the box opening with you!

This is the back of the box which explains a little about the dolls. The photo of the dolls is not great taken from the back of the box, but you can see that they are all new face sculpts and are dressed very stylishly in a black and white theme.

Side of the box with the simple LOOKS logo.

Other side of the box identifying the doll number.

The front of the box has a simple clear cover with the logo of the line enabling you to see the beautiful doll!

But she looks so much better after getting that cover off.

As you can see, she stands tall and has a well made white open shoulder dress with white ankle boots. I don't think I have seen these before so they seem to making everything new for this line. Now getting her out of the box was a little bit challenging.

Getting her out of the box itself took only a snip of the plastic around her boots and releasing the plastic base from the inner liner of the box. But that plastic base that anchors her to the box was not fun. See the threads in her hair and the plastic thingies anchoring her head to the base? I wish they would stop doing that! I hate those! Put after snipping the plastic ties, pulling the thingies out with my needle nose pliers and getting the thread out of her hair, she was finally free!

Here she is, head to toe! She is dressed in a white knit dress with open shoulders. The fabric is a nice weight, not a thin cheap feel to it. It velcros in the back and has a sewn hem at the sleeves and bottom. Simple, yet elegant. 

She has a Made to Move body. Yessss! So glad they gave this line all MTM bodies. Mattel is listening! She also comes with a stand. She will end up on a Kaiser stand though. I like to use the Kaiser stand as it keeps them all at ground level.

Here is a closeup of her lovely face. Her eyes are NOT pixelated! she has simple make up. I for one, like the simple elegance of the understated makeup. Fitting for this line I think. Well done!

She has long, snow white hair with slight waves. The hair is soft to the touch. I may decide to boil wash it to straighten it though. We will see. 

Here is a closeup of her ankle boots. These are a new design I think. I haven't seen them before to my recollection. The have faux stitching on both the inner and outer sides and a thick heel. They have a slit in the back. I think I would have liked them better if they didn't have such an obvious slit at the back, but I can live with it.

Her skin is quite pale. Even paler than the MTM Purple top doll. 

Here is a closeup of her hand on top of Purple top's. You can see the slight difference in the skin color. 

One other little detail I want to mention. Each doll in this line is priced at $19.99! I love that pricing and think these dolls are very well done so I was surprised at this price. Beware of the seller's on eBay. As I mentioned, these dolls are being scooped up at a very fast rate. I have seen prices on eBay ranging from $50 to $80 USD. Plus shipping. I would discourage you from paying these inflated prices from opportunistic sellers. I know they may be more than $20 in other parts of the world, but I know that they cannot be too much more and certainly not $50 or $80 -- plus shipping! 

I hope you liked this review. I should be getting the other 3 I was able to order within the next week. I will be happy to review them for you too! 

So what do you think? Will you add any of these to your doll collection?


  1. I wonder if these are a nod back to the Barbie Basics line? They have a few similarities. This pale one is gorgeous, but I think I like the AA Ken with the big hairdo the best.

    1. Yes, they are a nod back to the Barbie Basics according to the Barbie News blog that Mattel finally posted. I also think the AA Ken is great. He along with the Petite Asian are the two I like the best. I did manage to place an order for both of them, but it looks like they won't arrive for a while.

  2. I love this new line! The Barbie Basics dolls are what got me into collecting in the first place and I just love the concept here. I'm very jealous that you have one already! I've managed to order two, but I see that they should all come out on 16 June at last and I hope to buy all of them. Why do they do this to me when I'm trying to downsize my collection? LOL!

    1. I know exactly how you feel! They are pretty sneaky!

  3. Not a bad new line, with a very "fashion house" look to them. I like the face on your blonde, she's quite pretty and so is her platinum hair, but I am still not won over enough to buy one myself.
    Big hugs,

  4. When Mattel surprises us, it's a nice surprise. I'm thinking of buying 4, but it's impossible to have them for us in Canada at the moment. They remind me a lot of the basic black dress collection.

    1. They were designed as a throw back to the Basics collection, so not surprised that they remind you of them! They are actually not yet officially released, so watch for them on June 16 which is their official release date.

  5. I am no longer collecting Barbies, but I must admit, this new line is really cute. But I have heard people are having a difficult time getting a hold to these dolls.

    1. Yes, it is true that we are having trouble getting them, but I think Amazon jumped the gun as the official release in not until June 16. I believe that Mattel pulled the plug on Amazon which is the reason many orders have been delayed. Watch for them on Barbie signature on June 16!

  6. Yes! I was waiting for somebody to review this collection! I also do agree with people saying that this looks like the Barbie Basics, but with a Made to Move body.
    My favourite has to be number 2, so I'll try to get her first. You mentioned that all of them have new sculpts, but when I saw her I thought it was the Selma sculpt. I do agree, 20$ is an OK price, considering that the OG MTM dolls were 15$ and didn't come with shoes or a doll stand. And the fashion, despite being rather simple, is nicer than some yoga pants.I really hope that, when they get to Europe, they don't cost twice as much.

    I'm quite happy to see that Mattel is finally listening. It's almost like they read my "Were my predictions about Mattel right?" post and decided to make me eat some of my words. Let's hope they don't take two steps backwards after this.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

    1. Actually, they are a throwback or homage to the Barbie Basics line. I am so happy they are MTM! Officially, they will be released on June 16th, so watch for them then. I have heard that some of them are on store shelves in Asia and Europe. I do believe that Amazon jumped the gun. The 3 others that I was able to place an order on where originally scheduled to arrive on June 3rd, but all of a sudden, the date was pushed out to be between June 20 and July 24, varying by which doll it is. I have heard about this happening to just about everyone. I was unable to order dolls Number 1 and 2, but as soon as they open the door again for them, I will be ordering. The number 2 doll is definitely a new sculpt as well. DolliciousLife does a side to side comparison of the 2 dolls on YouTube, try this link.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I will review the rest when I get them!

  7. Those fellas went right on my wish list!

  8. I hope they will be available in Poland soon. In regular price... :/

    She looks really nice. I'm surprised Mattel finally did a good job.

  9. It is now available to us on amazon canada and i am shocked to see amazon canada selling them for $ 35,00 when it should be $ 25,00 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  10. Hi, Phyllis! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your Barbie Signature Looks doll #6. She's gorgeous! I've got her on order, too. Your post contributed to my decision to order her - and I type that with a smile.

    If you still need dolls #1 and #2 in this series, you could try for them at Entertainment Earth. I've got my four on order from them. Good luck!