Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Beginning!

I have been thinking for a while now about starting my own doll blog.  I have been inspired by the musings of Vanessa Morrison, Roville, Muff, The Waverlys, Limbe Dolls, A Philly collector and many more.  I have been coming up with several story ideas in my head, but just haven't developed them yet.  I do not know if I will create a series, do short stories, or what. I will start by introducing my collection and characters and families I have already created. 

I actually started typing this intro in July 2013! But many things have happened since that time.  I had a cervical fusion surgery in August and am now recovering from major lower back surgery in late March.  The recovery has been long due to the damage I had, but the point is now I am recovering. For those of you whom I have talked to about starting my blog, I apologize.  Since I had moved my collection down to my basement and was unable to go up and down stairs -- well you get the idea.

First, let me introduce my mini-me. Like me, she is a single mother of two. Both daughters (like mine!) are adopted from China.

Phyllis:  Hello! I am Phyllis Hanaly and I am here with my daughters Alyssa (seated on the left) and Hannah on the right. Alyssa is 16 and Hannah is 12. We reside in Hanaly Corners, Michigan with many other dolly residents. Our little town is under construction and we hope to share with you all the progress of our growth and will introduce the residents, old and new!

My daughters did a lot of the moving of boxes down the basement, so the current condition is pretty unorganized!

I have been doing some quick setup of some of the doll houses. I have a lot of work to do! I have done some basis furniture set up, but a lot is still Barbie pink.  
I have placement of rooms, but haven't put in the walls yet. I will share my progress as I get things done.  Here are some photos.

Well, that is all for now!  I finally got started at least. I hope you all enjoy the progress I make on my little town and the stories of the residents as they share a day in their little plastic lives!


  1. Congrats on getting started! Sorry to hear about your surgery, but I'm excited you are on the rebound. I look forward to following your progress. Will you be adding a "FOLLOW ME" button on your blog?

  2. Whoot! And you're off! Such a pleasure to meet mom and her two daughters. I also see a nice group of dollies in the background eagerly waiting to go on this journey with you. Best wishes for continued good health, and looking forward to following your adventures in dollyland. Will you be adding a "FOLLOW ME" button to your site?

  3. Vanessa and Ro: I do plan on adding a "Follow Me" button as soon as I figure out how to do it!

  4. I loved seeing your pictures. They remind me of what is going on in my dolly world. Lol! One day, I hope to be organized and can create more scenes. I will follow when you add the button. : )

  5. Welcome to bloggersland! Always room for one more. :-)

  6. welcome to blogger land! Your mini me and mini family look alikes are ready! I love your shelving, I only wish I had more like that myself! i am glad to hear you are recovering and hope you blog more!

  7. Hi! Hope you are in much better health than when you were writing this intro. This is a really charming depiction of your family. Good luck on blogging!